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TATTOO series


What comes first for a skin project, the drawing or the tattooing?

I started bringing to paper versions of my very favorite tattoo pieces. 
The ones which their meaning is now more valid than ever.


Allegory of the Cave



These are my first series of drawings in large format. All pieces have been done only using Indian Ink and technical pen on card (cross-hatching), and some were made on two and even four panels.

The topic here is about observing individual creatures of Nature enclosed into a womb-like shape and expose them against a pure black canvas, what creates a sense of loneliness, melancholy and isolation.


HEARTS series


Artistic journey through human emotions based only on the use of heart shapes, recurrent symbols and only few words on the titles: What does "death", "fear" or "hope" mean to us?


Social Distance

FELIS series


These drawings were made based on one my godson did few of years ago.

The word "FELIS" that lies on top of his drawing (love to include the spelling mistake he did!) 
made me think how true peace can be found even within the most adverse situations. Little things are essential.


SAINTS series


This is a body of works I left incomplete, but as all of my series, I may resume it in the future.

Animal suffering for enriching unscrupulous people is not unknown any more, and in the last few years, obscene practices like factory farming have become increasingly dangerous for all life forms on Earth, and other especies including us. 

​EROTIC series


Large scale pieces body of works based on the exploration of human sexuality. By the way, being continually exposed to the most obscenely explicit, mediocre and banal of society via social networks, advertising and the press, why are we so shocked when we see drawings about sex or naked people?


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