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Hi there!

My name is Santa. I am a Montevideo-born Barcelonian artist living in Hove and working in Brighton.

I am an illustrator, designer and photographer who also makes ephemeral artwork: permanent tattoos. Contradictory? I don't think so! :)


All my pieces intend to catch and reflect a bit of our soul, making each project (no mater the media I am working with) a unique artistic product every time.

Sometimes I draw with ink on a canvas, or I use air-dry clay to express myself, but most of the times I use people's skin to portray my art.

I believe I create pretty things, but no matter the surface I use, they are above all powerful and meaningful things. And that's the most fulfilling part of what I do, because I get to communicate feelings, concepts and ideas through a canvas, or somebody's skin.

Regarding that, I like reflecting in my work our common inner fears, desires and hopes, playing with the shapes, colours and images to convey a message that will be living on/with the person's body for life.
That message one day, like all ephemeral things and like life itself, will disappear. And this is the beauty and poetry of the skin art form: it makes a clear statement that everything in The Creation is in constant change, and that nothing lasts forever. Just like us.


Talking now about my professional background, after working for a long time as a graphic designer, my way into the tattoo world started in 2008 under the teaching of Eduardo Sasía (Montevideo).
Over the years I have condensed all my knowledge about design, tattooing and my passion for drawing into a very personal style, so the Graphic Art and Organized Chaos are today my main creative outlet and the end of the search for my personal expression as an artist.

My first contact with fine art was during my early ages. My mother, a professional tapestry artist, introduced me to the first steps of the drawing techniques.

After that I took lessons in atelliers in Montevideo, Madrid and Barcelona, made exhibitions, worked on various illustration projects, and won some art contests along the way.

I also studied a Communications degree and I worked as a graphic designer and photographer for companies such as L'Oreal, Coca Cola, Nike, Madpoint, Freeriderzine, Coup de Fouet, Descord and El Pais Cultural, among others.

In 2002, I left Montevideo to establish myself in Barcelona, where I lived for almost 12 years.

At present, I have settled my private studio in Brighton (UK), where I currently work and express my creativity drawing and tattooing.

And that's it! I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Santa Perpetua :)



Please, use this form to enquire about tattooing rates, designs, art commissions, just to say hi or to arrange an appointment to have a consultation.

Notice that I ALWAYS reply emails. If you don't get my response within a week, please check your spam, unwanted or trash folder.

Brighton, England, United Kingdom.


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Canvas Art

When Covid kicked in 2020 and the whole world was in lock down, like many of us, I felt really low.

But one day I see that little bird pecking outside my window, and that defenceless and tiny creature somehow made me realize that strenght and freedom might be within me. That I could "wait for the spring to come" in a constructive way.


So I started drawing them, feeding them and observing their interactions. Paying so close attention to these tiny beings opened a colorful world to me. I became obsessed with these creatures, the way they change with the symphony of seasons, and thanks to that I felt my freedom back through their little wings of ink and paper. In a world of decline and decay, with the dark shadow of environmental collapse over us, honoring the cute little things that still remain in Nature is essential to stay alive.

Waiting for the Spring I


These are my latest large format drawings, and I'd say my most "intimate" works.

Through them I explore family relationships, fears, concerns and demons; all "dark" topics that, despite being so personal, still are common to us all.

After drawing quite obscure subjects during my whole life, and because the Great Master Francisco de Goya has been always a big source of inspiration and knowledge, I humbly named this series after his final years of genious work.

Generations: family portrait
Untitled I